Antenna tuner DU3500AL (Automatic)


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Data sheet

Brand / Type DU3500AL / Automatic + Manually
Frequency 1,8-30 Mhz

More info

The DU 3500 AL automatic tuner has been primarily manufactured for an automatic PA, but it can also be used with any manual PAs as well. The tuner is primarily compatible with the OM POWER automatic PA.

This tuner was designed for antennas calibrated to HAM BANDs. The maximum power can only be utilized with these antennas. With other antennas, it should be set at a lower power (max. 2kW).

The major advantage of the tuner is that during competitions it is possible to change BANDs particularly quickly.

2. SPECIFICATIONS: Frequency range :


Matching range :

max power 5:1 SWR

Output Power :



All automatic OM-POWER

Tuning time:

1-3 s programmed memory

Display :

480x272 4,3" Color TFT Display

Capacitor :

510pF 5kV

Ceramic switch :

2 rotary switch

Antenna switch :

4 ant + 8 port

DC power :

12 - 13.8V 6A

Dimensions (cm) :


Weight :

8 kg