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Transformer 2X 0-1020-1360-1670V (3340V) 3KVA++


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Weight 28kg
Primary 230V
Secondary 1670-1360-1020...0...1020-1360-1670V
Maximum power 3KVA
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High Voltage Transformer:

Specified secondary voltages are measured at 225V primary:

1670-1360-1020-680-0 - 0-680-1020-1360-1670V

Each coil has a primary winding of 230 (these are parallel) so they can be unequally loaded; The following voltages are i.a. possible:

1020V / 3A; 1360V / 2,2A; 1670V / 1,8A; 2040V / 1,47A; 2370V / 1,27A; 2720V / 1,1a; 3030V / 1A; 3340V / 0.9 (1A)

When momentary load the transformer can significantly deliver more power