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Waveform Generator/Recorder HP 5182A


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HP 5182A Waveform Recorder

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Brand / Type HP 5182A
Description Waveform Generator/Recorder
Dimensions 450x150x600 mm
Weight 24 kg
Primary 100/120/220/240 V AC
Extra info Inclusive operating instructions + Errors/Specs

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HP 5182A Waveform Recorder

The 5182A Waveform Recorder/Generator can re-create single-shot signals or create repetitive signals by playing back a single recording again and again with no time gap between replays. Test your circuits with the actual signal recorded rather than a theoretical one. Continuous (battery backed-up) waveform memory allows on-site recording of up to 32 waveforms. Carry the 5182A back to the lab and play them back.

Other features and specifications include:

  • Bandwidth: 20mHz
  • Number of bits: 10
  • Word memory: 16K
  • Easily simulate complex real signals
  • Record single shot
  • Replay repetitively
  • Fully programmable via hpib.