MW Transmitter 0 to 100 Watts RMS (0 to 400 watts P.E.P)


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Merk / Type Norton Broadcast AM DDS TRANSMITTER NB.Z2000
Input 190-240 1Phase, 50Hz-60Hz.
Output From 0 to 100 watts RMS (0 to 400 watts P.E.P)
Frequentie 500KHz - 2000KHz

Meer informatie

Type transmitter: AM EXCITER (DDS)
RF Power output: 100W RMS (400W PEP)
RF Output connector: N-Type
Variable output: From 0 to 100 watts RMS (0 to 400 watts P.E.P)
Output impedance: 50 Ohm.
Efficiency: 62%
Frequency range: 500KHz - 2000KHz.
Frequency step: 100kHz - 10KHz - 1KHZ (SELECTIVITY)
Frequency stability: /- 2 ppm over temperature range.
BFO Calibration : -50Hz to 50Hz.
Spurious and Harmonic: -73 DB Relative to carrier.
Filter Audio: NRSC
Basic standart version: 10KHz. (Option: 4-6Khz)
Total Harmonic Distortion: Better than 2,8% (THD), 30Hz ??? 10,00Hz at modulation referenced 100 Watt.
Modulation capability: 110% Positive peak modulation at rated power.
Working A.C input: 190-240 1Phase, 50Hz-60Hz.